Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sometimes You See Strange Things

You see strange things on the water sometimes. Practicing for a recent tournament, I was buzzing the bank and came across a super clean dock. This is nothing weird but on Lake Scugog, a weed choked lake, it is a bit unusually. Scugog is home to thousands of geese and ducks who like to loaf on docks and poop like crazy. I've seen cottagers storm out of their house thinking they were going to blast me for fishing under their docks only to thank me for spooking the geese.

Back to the other day, when I fired a cast under the dock I saw a snake. Ontario isn't snake central so I was surprised. Then a realized it was plastic. Then I saw a few more. In a battle to keep their dock clean, the owner put out a few large, rubber snakes and it seems to work. No ducks, no geese and no POOP!
Strange but true.  Rubber snakes.

A closer look.

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