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Denali Newsletter
August 2012

Hey Denali Fans, hopefully the summer is going well and you are all catching a lot of fish. As you can tell, we have decided to bring back the monthly newsletter after a couple of hectic months and hopefully it's now here to stay. This month, you'll see news about the Denali anglers in the Forrest Wood Cup, The Denali High School Club winning the World Finals, and a new feature called "Denali Dream Destinations" where we ask a pro-staffer for their dream fishing vacation each month.

On the rod front, hopefully you all know about the new Terry Bolton and Ray Scheide signature series rods we have brought out this summer. I know we've been trying to get them into the hands of as many people as possible and the initial reviews have been great. Check out the site and take a look if you haven't seen them yet.

Stay tuned to our facebook and twitter feeds as well as future editions of the newsletter while we try to become more interactive with the Denali family and roll out other new features to the website. Good fishing this month, spread the Denali word and try to stay out of the heat!

Scott Estes-
President, Denali Rods

Denali Sends 8 to the Forrest Wood Cup:

The most prestigious and important event in the FLW side of the fishing business is the annual FLW Championship, known as the Forrest Wood Cup (FWC). Just like last year, Denali will be sending several pro staffers to the event, as both pros and co-anglers. This year's FWC includes the most Denali anglers ever, a testament to the quality and consistency demonstrated by our pro-staff in tournaments all across the country. The event will be held on Lake Lanier in Georgia on August 9-12.

On the pro side, Denali had two angles qualify for the cup, Terry Bolton and Ryan Patterson. Venerable pro Terry Bolton, of Paducah, KY is no stranger to FWC competition. This will be Terry's 11th FLW Championship and his 5th in a row. His career-best finish at the cup is a 3rd place he took in 2008, so let's hope he can beat that finish and break through to his first win.
Ryan Patterson of Goddard, KS is fishing in his first FWC. He qualified as the reigning FLW College Fishing National Champion, a crown he won in April by fishing a team tournament by himself. The story of his cup qualification is a great read in itself, check it out at

On the Co-Angler side, Denali also has several pro-staffers fishing the FWC. The list is as follows,
Mike Helton - Jeffersonville, IN
Brook Pauley - Morgantown, WV
Doug Caldwell - Kane, PA
Hector De La Garza - Rockwall, TX
Tim Dearing - Loudoun, TN
Bryan New - Belmont, NC
Denali would like to wish them all good luck at the cup, and we hope that someone brings home the trophy! Look for complete FWC coverage in the September newsletter.

Denali sponsored High School Team Wins World Finals: 

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On July 21, Denali team members Sawyer Grace and Austin Cathcart won the 2012 High School Fishing World Finals on Lake Dardanelle in Russellville, AR. Grace and Cathcart are members of the Dover High School Fishing Club and have fished in every HSFWF since the beginning, but this was their first win.

Dover High School Fishing Club was founded by Denali Staffer Ray Scheide and his wife Michelle, and is the largest TBF Youth club in the country. The Scheide's take their involvement with the club very seriously and couldn't be more proud of the way the team performed at the World Finals. In fact, two other Dover HS teams also finished in the top 10, with Mikayla Scheide and Baylee Linker finishing 9th and Cody Chessher and Tara Miller finishing 10th out of 118 teams.

About the club's performance, the clubs mentor Scheide is incredibly proud, saying "I couldn't be happier with the outcome. More than just their performance, which was obviously great, each of the teams did an amazing job representing their sponsors, families and teammates. They all showed an incredible amount of poise and maturity, which shows just how great these kids are as people and how important it is to expose youth to the outdoors at an early age."

Grace and Cathcart each were offered a $5,000 per year scholarship to Bethel University as well as $1,000 scholarship offer from Arkansas Tech along with a bunch of merchandise like tackle, gift cards, electronics and more from sponsors of the event.
Denali rods couldn't be more proud to sponsor the Dover High School Fishing Team and Grace and Cathcart good luck as they move into college and hopefully they can make it to the next level.

Denali's Dream Destination: Michael Murphy - Canadian Fly-in:

August is one of the hottest months of the year for the majority of the country. Sweltering heat makes the fish go deep and the fishing can get pretty uncomfortable for the majority of the day. Getting away from that heat and the promise of world-class fishing are the reasons that FLW Pro Michael Murphy chooses a Canadian Fly-in for Northern Pike as his August dream destination.

"It's really hard to describe how beautiful the landscape up there is, and the fishing is just tremendous." Murphy says about the trips. "You are typically fishing for Northern Pike and Lake Trout, and the potential for trophies is unbelievable, with 40 and 50 inch fish being fairly common at some of the lodges."

There are literally thousands of lodges and resorts scattered across Canada and most have amazing fishing, so do a little research on the areas closest to you if you are planning a trip. Murphy recommends the northern Manitoba area since it is close to Winnipeg, which has an international airport and is relatively inexpensive to fly to from most parts of the country.
Typically, once you book the trip, all you have to do is arrive and the lodge will do the rest. Murphy says that "most of the lodges will pick you up from the airport and drive you a couple hours up to basically where the road ends. Once you're there, you board a small bush plane and fly another couple hours out to the lodge, where you spend the rest of your trip." The flight out is for some the most incredible part of the trip, and few from the United States have seen wilderness vistas like those seen from the windows of a small float plane flying just a couple thousand feet above the Canadian wilderness.

The resorts themselves range from just a couple log cabins on the water to private mansions equipped with the latest in GPS phones, satellite internet and gourmet meals. "There are so many options that you can find a resort offering just the level of hospitality and comfort that you are comfortable with." Murphy continues.

As far as fishing, Murphy still gets excited thinking about the wake a 40+ inch pike makes as it comes from 25 feet away to smash a lure. "The pike up there act like they haven't ever even seen a lure, which at some resorts is probably the case." Murphy explains, continuing "The growing season is so short up there, the fish don't have any choice but to put the feed bag on and you will have some of the most aggressive strikes you've ever seen in your life."

As far as baits and tackle go, it doesn't pay to be too complicated, and the old pike standbys like large spoons, inline spinners and minnowbaits will work well, but Murphy recommends trying some other baits as well. "We've really had great luck swimming big 1 to 2 ounce skirted jigs with paddle-tail trailers or huge 8 inch grubs on them. You could probably also catch them pretty well on some of the newer swimbaits that have come out in recent years."

Whatever you're fishing though, make sure you have stout enough tackle, as a 40 inch pike weighs over 20 lbs and puts on a pretty impressive show once hooked. "I usually bring a couple of Denali flipping sticks, stout reels and at least 50lb braided line when I go up there, because those pike are downright mean!" Murphy says, and don't forget your leaders. Pike fishing requires a minimum 12" steel leader to protect against their razor-sharp teeth.

After a long morning of fishing, you almost always stop in the middle of the day for a shore-lunch, something that you may think would get old after a couple days, but that's not so according to Murphy. "I figured we'd all be sick of fish after a couple days, but those guides do such a good job with it and it is so fresh that you could eat fish for every meal up there and it wouldn't get old. In fact, some of the best fish I've ever had was on the shore of a Canadian lake."

Because there are so many options across Canada, there is also a lot of competition which has driven prices down to where you can find an option that will work with almost any budget. Do your research and you can still find week long trips for well under $1000 per person, which is cheaper than a good many vacations in the States and certainly most other foreign destinations.
There are several websites out there that contain directories of lodges and outfitters. Check out or, as they are all great sites for booking fishing trips.

There are a lot of options out there for fishing destinations, but if you're like FLW Tour Pro and Denali Pro-staffer Michael Murphy, you'll check out a Canadian Fly-in this summer, as according to him "the unbelievable scenery, incredible fishing, and beautiful weather combine to make it one of the best trips I've ever gone on, especially once the dog-days set in across most of the country."

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