Friday, August 31, 2012


 The KVD family of Treble Hooks is growing! 

When KVD designs a treble hook you know it's worth taking a second look.   The first KVD model ( TG76NP-BN) had a short shank and extra strong wire, which allowed anglers to upsize their crankbait hooks without having them tangle with one another.   The extra strong wire also offered better hook-setting power and more muscle for powering fish away from heavy cover. 

Now Mustad has added two new versions of UltraPoint® KVD Elite Triple Grip® Treble to meet angler needs for a broader range of applications.   

The TG58NP-BN   Features standard wire diameter and standard shank length.   The longer shank length increases the distance between the hook points and the lure body, raising hook-up percentages. A great option when hooks are spaced far enough apart to prevent tangling. 

The TG78NP-BN also features the new longer shank length, but in 1X strong, like the Original KVD Triple Grip. 

Mustad has also added extra strong round bend hooks to their line-up as well. 

Of course, all Ultrapoint hooks include 4.3 Micro Sharp Point Technology know for it's balance between sharpness and durability. 

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