Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Northern Open's Detroit River: Brian Metry's Battle Plan!

Brian Metry, of Michigan, was in firm control of the Bassmaster Northern Open on day 1 and 2. He brought outstanding limits of smallmouth and seemed likely to march on to a victory. Unfortunately, his boat failed him and day 3 was a mad scramble to secure another boat and then a winning limit. 

By the end of the tournament, Jason Christie, of Oklahoma, worked hard and earned the win. Muddled under the surprise victory of FLW touring pro Christie was the dominant pattern Metry ran to land over 62 pounds for 15 smallmouth bass. 

Brian needed the whole family to show off his giants.
(Photo: David Hunter Jones BASS)

Here is his own words on his pattern for the BASSMASTER Open on the Detroit river .

I would start my morning out getting a 16-18 lb limit throwing Jack-it Products Hydro Series and 600 Series crank baits. I was keying in on 2 colors, Double Dog- which is a shad pattern and Crankin' Craw which is a Crayfish pattern. 

I was fishing weed patches the size of a small dump truck in 18 FOW (Feet of water) bass were hiding in the weeds because the water was cool, has more oxygen and it's a great place to ambush baitfish. The Hydro Cranks dive to 12' and were great for running over the tops of the weed patches- if it got hung up I would rip it out and get a reaction strike. The 600 Cranks which dive to 18' I was running in between the weed patches and burning them as fast as I could. I was getting my 2 biggest fish on the lake using these techniques

The 2nd half of the day I was taking my limit up the river and looking for 3 more big fish to cull up to 20+ pounds. I was dragging a Lunch Money big boy tube in Cotton Candy color because the bass were feeding on big shiners. There were not a lot of fish in my area but the ones that were there were 4+.

Thanks Brian Metry and the people at Jact-It

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