Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Haul! What I bought.

Some might be disappointed after reading this. It is easy to loose your mind in a big fishing store here. When on vacation, people always buy. Shoes, cloths and for me and you, fishing gear. But, you have to bring it all back. I would love to splurge on a few rods but the airplane gorillas would make kindling out of them. Also, this stuff isn't cheap. If you were starting out, you could blow a couple grand just to get a few rods and reels with gear. I was thinking of getting a new Shimano reel. At $625, it will have to wait for another trip.

When in Japan, I always try to get something I cannot get in Canada or the States. Also, I tend to fish targets and shallow water, so my eyes focus on those types of lures. I am not a big crankbait guy. Stores are full of cranks. I use to be on pro-staff ages ago with Bill Norman and recently Rapala has been good to me, so I think I have plenty. If I fished less grass then I might hit the crankbait aisles harder.

Here is a look at a small fraction of my haul.
EverGreen Shower Blows Shorty. Should be a smallmouth killer.
There was a sale on EverGreen so I got it for $12 but it is about $19.

Look at that tail!

I really like jigs for smallmouth. They work really well all year but amazing in the fall.
These ones were cheap, about $3.90. They were all 14 g (1/2oz) but with a very tiny frame. 

Only problem is that the hook is thin. Not sure if I can boat flip 5lbers. 

Not sure of the name. I already packed them into the suitcase. 
I don't really want to show this. I have been eager to get my hands on these for some time.
They're body weights. They screw in and balance or off-balance swimbaits, craws, what ever. This is all part of the Neko technique. 

The packaging. I have never seen these, even in a photograph outside of  Japan. 

Another secret. Look at the nose, it has a prop on it. Spinners or props
are big here. I will be explaining a lot more about this trend in a future
article in Ontario OUT OF DOORS Magazine in 2013. If you have not heard of Decoy hooks, hit the internet.
They are amazing and offer so much variety. 

Sorry for the photo. I couldn't get it just right nor adjust the view.
This little bait is 5/8oz! It is a bit smaller than a regular spinnerbaits. Since my
spinnerbait article last year in Ontario OUT  OF DOORS where Mike Deforges explained
the importance of having a compact bait.  I have been searching for the right one. This might be it.
It was discounted down from $20 to about $11. 

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