Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014 ICAST Gadgets: Never Slip Bait Tape

By Luigi De Rose

I am not a gadget guy. I pride myself in not getting overburdened with hoards of things. Things, stuff, toys, general items that should make my life easier, more effective and better organized only if I used them. But, I don't use them nor buy them. It is not that I don't like a better mouse trap, I just prefer to create my own way instead of buying someone else's idea.  I have been accused of ignoring loyal readers, you lovely people, by not posting enough gadgetry.  So, after reflecting on the resent 2014 ICAST, here is a beauty. The Never Slip Bait Tape.

This is truly an amazing gadget and yes I took 2 free samples. Why so good? It looks great, it is simple to use and it really works. Bait Tape is a 3/16" x 2" plastic strip that is self adhesive. It will not bond to the bait but only to itself creating a powerful collar around Senko baits or grubs or worms to jigheads. The Bait Tape is a slick replacement to 0-rings for wacky rigging or glue used to keep the soft plastic bait snug to the jig. It can even mend mangled bait giving new life to badly torn ones.

At ICAST, they had a retractable scale used to demonstrate Bait Tape's sturdiness. I was amazed as the needle passed 30lbs of pressure. The white Senko ripped part but not once did the tape separate.

Here are some stats:

  • 10 colours including clear
  • doesn't interfere with bait's action
  • increase life span of bait
  • keeps all  jig trailers snug to hook
  • super easy to use

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