Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 ICAST Strike King Naked Rage Blade and Rage Minnnow with Jonathan V...

2014 ICAST in Orlando, Florida we meet Jonathan Van Dam. Van Dam is an Elite angler on the Bassmaster tournament trail. We find him in the Strike King Lure company booth promoting the Naked Rage Blade and new Rage Minnow. This is a great spin on a proven bait.

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Naked Rage Blade
Leaning on the knowledge base and needs of the best bass pros on earth is a luxury that Strike King does not take for granted. New designs, upcoming trends and modern concepts are constantly being funneled into our new product development. This process allows us to produce exciting and innovative ways to target bass. The all-new Naked Rage Blade is a culmination of this.

"Until now, the bladed-swim jig phenomenon was primarily engineered and applied to fishing around dense cover such as grass, wood and docks," notes Bassmaster Elite Series pro Andy Montgomery. "There are times, however, that the incredible action emitted by a Rage Blade would work very well for targeting clear-water or suspended fish.

"Now, thanks to the new Naked Rage Blade, I've got a bait that works perfectly in those situations," he says. "The clear blade design coupled with the Blade Minnow body gives the Naked Rage Blade a much more subtle approach -- which is awesome for pressured fish -- while still employing the incredible action of the Rage Blade design."

The all-new Naked Rage Blade comes in 3/8- as well as a 1/2-oz size, and 6 fish-catching colors. Look for them to be available at better fishing tackle retailers everywhere.

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