Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2014 ICAST Strike King Lucky Shad with Jonathan Van Dam & IBASSIN

2014 ICAST in Orlando, Florida we meet Jonathan Van Dam. Van Dam is an Elite angler on the Bassmaster tournament trail. We find him in the Strike King Lure company booth promoting the Lucky Shad deep diving jerk bait.

Lucky Shad
The Strike King arsenal of crankbaits has become a mainstay in the boats and tackle boxes of anglers all over the world. In the process of doing so, we have refined certain baits and styles to accommodate a need, yet apply our improved design to them. The all-new Lucky Shad is born from that concept by being spawned from a traditionally popular profile, yet incorporating modern design techniques.

"Certain times of the year, the majority of bass are around rocky, shoreline cover," says six-time winner of FLW Outdoors events and noted cranking expert Mark Rose. "This typically coincides with cooler water temperatures. When the water is cold, and especially when it's clear, bass often key on smaller-sized shad in these areas.

"This is the scenario where the new Lucky Shad will really show out," he says. "The Lucky Shad will be a lights out early-spring, pre-spawn type of bait. It has the tight, finesse action of a balsa bait, with the durability and finish only found in a plastic bait. It's the perfect cold-water shad imitator."

Strike King's trademark quality, durability and affordability are not lost on the ½-oz, 8-foot diving Lucky Shad. It will be immediately available in 11 eye-popping colors at better tackle retailers everywhere.

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