Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014 ICAST Z MAN Finesse T.R.D. Ned Rig Soft Plastic worm with Casey Ma...

2014 ICAST finds IBASSIN.com in the Z-Man booth with Casey Martin. This FLW Tour pro explains this cool bait.

The innovative Midwest finesse style of fishing, more commonly known as the "Ned Rig," has been gaining momentum throughout the country as a subtle and easy-to-master, yet amazingly effective, presentation. While anglers have long been crafting their own jigs and carving up ElaZtech baits to create the perfect finesse offerings, Z-Man has worked with some of the nation's best finesse fishermen to develop a complete, ready-to-use Midwest finesse system that will produce on lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds everywhere.

Inspired by the venerable ZinkerZ™, which anglers have been modifying for years to create perfect finesse baits, the new Finesse T.R.D.™ (The Real Deal) possesses the ideal finesse profile in a ready-to-fish package. Checking in at 2.75 inches in length, the T.R.D. features a familiar stickbait profile, but a unique dimpled tail texture, softer ElaZtech formulation, and custom salt content. These attributes allow the T.R.D. to mimic the sink rate, lifelike action and irresistible feel of a well-worn ZinkerZ that expert finesse anglers have learned result in longer holds and increased hook-up ratios—but right out of the package. While it may look basic on the surface, the unique flutter and near-horizontal posture on the fall created by its ElaZtech construction makes it not only an incredible black bass bait, but also a catch-all bait that has proven effective on numerous species from panfish and trout to

white bass.

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