Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014 ICAST Strike King Rage Blade Blaster with Mark Rose & IBASSIN

ICAST 2014 finds the IBASSIN.COM team in the mighty Strike King booth. We're lucky enough to speak to FLW Tour Pro Mark Rose. Mark Rose is a deep water expert. He'll explain the new Strike King Rage Blade Blaster spoon.

While designing the Rage Blade and the new Naked Rage Blade, the design team at Strike King realized that the unique qualities of the blade on those two baits lent itself to many possibilities. After months of research and development, and extensive field testing, the multi-species minded Rage Blade Blaster is ready for the world!

"This is a killer little bait that performs so many different functions," says 15-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Shaw Grigsby. "From vertical jigging for suspended largemouth to casting for schooling white bass, the Rage Blade Blaster is like having a Swiss Army knife in your tackle box. You're ready for numerous fishing opportunities and scenarios.

"The size and profile of this bait is great, but the action is what really sets it apart," he notes. "It's wonderfully balanced, casts like a bullet and if it swims, it will eat this bait!"

The all-new Rage Blade Blaster is available in 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4-oz sizes, and comes in chrome as well as powder-coated white and chartreuse. This fish-catcher will be available at better tackle retailers everywhere.

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