Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 ICAST: Power Pole's New Phone System

The brains behind your biggest catches.
Introducing the next generation C-Monster Control System — swift, silent, secure and smart.

TAMPA, FL – JL Marine Systems, Inc. is committed to giving you the smartest angle on angling. Meet C-Monster 2.0: advanced boat control that puts performance and power in the palm of your hand.

In shallow water anchoring, there’s nothing more swift, silent or secure than a Power-Pole anchor. And now, there’s nothing smarter. In any conditions, for any angling style, C-Monster 2.0 gives you the flexibility to seamlessly carry out your every whim right at your fingertips. C-Monster 2.0 delivers better performance, a new look and is now iOS and Android compatible.

New features of the C-Monster 2.0 mean a stronger RF signal for an extended range of the controllers. Two-way communication between the pump and the controller is now ten times faster. And a larger processor responds more quickly and boasts more memory to accommodate software upgrades.

Download the C-Monster App for the ultimate experience. Register your Power-Pole anchors and accessories directly through the C-Monster App. Then the real fun begins. In the app, you customize operations so you can take complete control of everything from deployment speed to independent control of multiple anchors. An RSSI evaluation lets you check the strength of all of your remotes while self-activating software updates keep your pump and controllers at top performing levels right through the app.
More control means more time on the water. The new remote controllers feature updated C- Monster 2.0 color accents while delivering three speed settings, double click auto up and auto down, independent control for multiple anchors, and they’re all waterproof. The new big-button standard foot switches are easy to see and easy to tap in a pivotal moment giving you double clickauto up and auto down. And the advanced foot switch is sleek by design and offers three speed settings and multiple anchor control at the tap of a toe.
C-Monster 2.0, with your Power-Pole anchor, controllers and smart phone app, is one monstrous, fully integrated system, designed to give you a powerful edge for seamlessly smooth fishing.

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