Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 ICAST Z MAN Pop ShadZ Soft Plastic Topwater bait with Casey Martin ...

2014 ICAST finds in the Z-Man booth with Casey Martin. This FLW Tour pro explains this cool bait.

Foremost among the launch is the Pop ShadZ™, a 5-inch soft plastic topwater bait unlike anything else on the market. Both fresh- and saltwater anglers alike recognize the effectiveness of poppers at calling in fish from a distance and eliciting surface strikes.

However, anglers have been limited in the past to hard baits armed with multiple treble hooks when situations call for ruckus-raising, floating topwater baits. Thanks to ElaZtech super-plastic technology, Z-Man is able to roll out the very first true soft plastic popper, something that simply cannot be duplicated with traditional soft plastic materials. Not only will the Pop ShadZ cause a commotion on the surface and float a heavy-gauge hook on the pause, but it will also walk through grass, pads and other cover without snagging, all the while offering a natural texture and ultra-soft feel that will have all types of game fish coming back for more.
The Pop ShadZ boasts the profile and body shape of a baitfish, yet thanks to its cupped face, pops, spits, and chugs when twitched along the surface for maximum fish-calling action. Best rigged with a wide gap 4/0, 5/0, or 6/0 hook, its belly slot and shallow dorsal pocket makes weedless rigging and solid hooksets a breeze. This one-of-a-kind soft bait is equally at home for a variety of fresh- and saltwater applications, from skipping under mangroves for laid-up snook and redfish, to working through dense lily pads for largemouths, to drawing vicious topwater explosions from blitzing blues and stripers. And, like all ElaZtech plastics, the Pop ShadZ is extremely durable, capable of withstanding any schooling onslaught with a single bait, enabling anglers to capitalize on small feeding windows without having to break to search for and re-rig a new bait.

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