Friday, July 20, 2012

2012 Bass Pro Shops Northern Open #2 Detroit River Day 1: Co-Angler Report

Got a quick up-date from Don Sangster. He is fishing as a co-angler in the  Bass Pro Shop Open #2 on the Detroit River. 

I'll summarize how the day went for him and his pro-angler Cliff Blackford from Michigan. Overall, it rained like hell. Brutal weather as Don put it. Rained the entire day with a strong Easterly. Don commented that the only area that didn't get wet was the insides of his eyelids.

Unfortunately, Don's weight was 8.03 pounds for 3 bass. Those fish put him in 128th place. The co-anglers have a 3 fish limit and the pro-anglers have 5. Don lost two big ones that killed his day. Cliff was on really good size bass in practice but they didn't materialize. Cliff's best 5 went for 15-02 and that has him sitting in 106 place. They spent the day fished the river in 23 to 33 feet of water. Cliff stuck with tubes for most of the day while Don had his luck with a Carolina rig. He also experimented with tubes and drop shotting. Both caught lots of bass but not the right ones. The good thing is one big bass can have you leaping up the leader board.  

Don's Day 2 partner is John Leader. His catch has 18 pound plus, so Don is optimistic of a great days.

Good luck to him and we'll have another report from him tomorrow. 

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