Monday, July 16, 2012

IBASSIN: What's up for July?

What a wild week. ICAST certainly grabs a lot of interest. Thanks for all the hits. The Power Pole Drift Paddle, Minn Kota and LiveTarget plus a host of new releases kept me busy. I didn't make it to ICAST this year. I was on a plane bound for Japan. That's right, IBASSIN is in Japan and will report on the action from over here.

July already has a trip to Lake Biwa with super pro and guide Jun Shoji. He and I will spend a few days fishing and trying to catch the next world record. (Biwa is where the world record largemouth bass was caught)  I don't think we have a chance but we do have a shot of bass over 10 lbs. That would be super cool.

Don't fret, Ontario regional tournaments will still be a main point here. I have my friends busy fishing and hopefully winning. Don Sangster, friend and outdoor writer, is a co-angler for the BASS Open on St. Clair. Last time, he posted a 20th place finish after a very poor day 3. I wish I had a blog about that because there was some great gossip about that tournament. He'll check in with me with the full report. Good luck Don!

While in Japan, I will be invading any tackle store I can trick my wife into visiting. I have a few posts ready to go from my first tackle store adventure. Wow, they have so many super-high quality reels and rods. Open up a master catalogue and they have almost all of them. The saltwater spinning reels are totally awesome to browse.

I could go on and on and I will but not in this post. You'll have to come back later.
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