Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Frog Time in Japan

I had to stop off at one of the many tackle stores in the neighbourhood. A quick chat with the head bass sales guys told a clear story. Hollow body frogs are tops. Dotted with a network of ponds, reservoirs and rivers, the region around my in-laws has an abundance of shallow, weedy bass spots. 

When I questioned the gaping hole in the lure display, the sales rep laughed, “That’s where our top selling frogs are pegged.” “So, what is the top bait?” I quickly asked.  Surprisingly, it is Daiwa’s D-frog. I didn’t even know Daiwa makes a frog. He pointed to the laminated lure chart, which displayed the array of frog patterns. "Oh, I see!" I replied as the sales guy smiled.

Yeah they do make a frog and it must be special. The store has a huge selection of familiar frog lures from similar brands such as: Spro, LiveTarget and Snag proof plus numerous Japanese made versions from Deps, Evergreen, Jackall, OSP , etc.

Well, I have a new quest. Find one of these D-Frogs and see first hand what the excitement is all about. You might have better luck finding one than I do. Once a shipment comes, D-Frogs only last a few hours before their gone again.

Click on the word D-Frog to see a link.  It has the same frog chart and a short clip of the D-Frog in action

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