Thursday, July 26, 2012

World Record Experience!

Just got back from my big bass experience from Japan's Holy Grail of fishing, Lake Biwa. I booked a two day guide with one of Japan's top sticks, Jun Shoji. The trip will be written up in Ontario OUT OF DOORS magazine in the 2013 Fishing Annual. He is an awesome guide and we caught some great average of fish. He is known for putting anglers on big bass. Most of his clients come to Biwa with the desire of catching a fish over 5 pounds. He doesn't disappoint and I enjoyed some nice fishing.

Here is a sample of one of the bass we caught on Lake Biwa.

On a funnier note, I just saw one of the worst photos of me on Jun's website. He has a daily blog that reflects his day on the water. As a full time guide and super hard core tournament angler, he keeps the blog very up to date. I look so ugly. My wife instructed I needed to wear a sun blocking buff. The only problem it acted like Spanxs, the spandex girdle for women and it squished all my fat from my neck into my face. See for yourself. Click HERE!  

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