Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ICAST 2012: Bumbershot from River2Sea

River2Sea USA continues to make lures that produce results, and the new projects for ICAST 2012 are made to deliver for anglers and dealers alike.

River2Sea is announcing the first in the new John Murray Signature Series of lures with the Bumbershoot; a castable umbrella rig that is the product of collaboration with Elite Series pro Murray and the designers at River2Sea.
Bumbershoot is a colloquial nickname for an umbrella, but for River2Sea and Murray, the Bumbershoot is a revolutionary new umbrella rig that allows anglers to interchange hardware.
Bumbershoot is unlike other castable umbrella rigs because it allows anglers to collapse the wire arms for storage and re-engage them for fishing. Bumbershoot features an integrated c-ring organizer that keeps the welded end wires organized for easy adjustment and assembly. Bumbershoot also features a threaded lockdown nut that flares the pre-curved wires into fishing position when tightened and allows them to be folded together for storage when loosened.
Bumbershoot is constructed of heavy gauge stainless wire with heavy duty swivels and snaps for tackling the biggest and meanest game fish. Each of the four external arms will be loaded with the same ultralight, ultrathin blades that give our Bling spinnerbait its unique vibration pattern. These blades are removable thanks to our unique clevises that allow the blades to be taken off the arms. The view a video of the functions of the River2Sea Bumbershoot, please click the YouTube link here:
Bumbershoot is available in a single shad color, and weighs in at one-ounce unrigged. It comes with replacement wires, a Rig Walker swimbait and retails for $19.99.
What umbrella rig is complete without some sort of soft plastic swimbait or creature on the business end? River2Sea is making that all possible with the introduction of our new Rig Walker 100 swimbait. Based on the concept of our popular Bottom Walker, the Rig Walker is designed to be the perfect complement to the Bumbershoot and castable umbrella rigs everywhere.
Rig Walker features a lively paddletail design, with a lifelike minnow shaped body and a giant, black nickel hook that is sure to grab any fish that tries to bite. Rig Walker also features a line tie at the nose of the bait to make it trail the umbrella rig in the optimal position for action and proper hooksetting.
Rig Walker 100 comes five to a pack, weighs-in at 1/2-ounce, measures four inches and is available in four colors; Silverside, Ice White, Smoke Shad and Herring. Rig Walker will retail for $6.99
River2Sea USA manufactures products for both fresh and saltwater applications. The product line features the highest quality materials and workmanship available in the business today. From the surface to the bottom, and in the tackle stores they make lures that produce results; from River2Sea.

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