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ICAST 2012: Z-Man's New Chatterbait and Soft Plastics

Z-Man Continues New Product Innovation with
Pro-Inspired, Technique-Specific Bait Offerings for 2013

 Building upon the media interest, tournament success, and ensuing consumer demand that their 2012 new products have enjoyed, Z-Man Fishing Products, Inc. (Z-Man) will be introducing four new products at this year’s ICAST sport fishing industry trade show that will continue to round out and deepen the company’s proprietary ElaZtech® soft plastic bait line. These new offerings are the result of Z-Man’s continued commitment to working with top professional B.A.S.S. and FLW anglers and utilizing the most innovative technology available. Each bait has been custom tailored to fit specific fishing situations and techniques. All of the new soft plastics are non-toxic products that will! deliver lifelike action, incredible durability and outstanding fish-catching performance.
“In conjunction with our Pro Staff, we’ve created some exciting new baits for 2013 that we’re thrilled to unveil,” states Z-Man General Manager, Daniel Nussbaum. “The new ChatterBait Elite model is without a doubt the best bladed swim jig Z-Man has ever produced, and our new ElaZtech soft bait designs will provide anglers who demand the toughest, softest, and most lifelike plastics even more options to add to their arsenals.”


SIZE: 4.5 inches
WEIGHT: 3/8 and 1/2 ounce
QUANTITY: 1 bait per pack
COLORS (8): White, Chartreuse/White, Black/Blue, Green Pumpkin, Bluegill, Smoky Shad, Sexy Shad, Black/Red

Building upon the Original ChatterBait brand bladed swim jig’s dominance in tackle boxes—and on bass circuits—the country over, comes the new Chatterbait Elite model. Built upon our patented, bladed swim jig design, it sports a 5/0 Gamakatsu® hook, new EZ Skirt® jig skirts with low-profile hub, and custom head paint schemes for precise skirt matching. Top the Elite off with a molded-in trailer keeper that prevents soft plastics from sliding and a strengthened head-to-blade connection, and the result is an upgraded lure that’s even more irresistible to fish—and essential to fishermen!

“I’m really excited about the new products we’re bringing out at ICAST this year,” states Glenn Young, National Sales Manager for Z-Man. “The new ChatterBait Elites I think will be a huge hit, especially with tournament anglers. Between the Gamakatsu hook, the heads that are painted to match the skirt patterns and the blade colors, this series will certainly live up to its Elite name.”

The upgrades made to the ChatterBait—namely the much-improved hook and bait keeper—are the precise enhancements that were needed,” comments David Walker, 2011 B.A.S.S. Elite Series champion, 10-time Forrest Wood Cup qualifier and Z-Man Pro. “The versatility of this bait does the work for you. I always keep a rod rigged up with one, as it produces on bodies of water all across the country.”


SIZE: 5 inches
QUANTITY: 6 baits per pack
COLORS (8): Black Blue Flake, Watermelon, Watermelon Red, Junebug, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Candy, California Craw, Green Pumpkin Blue Flake

When FLW Tour pro, Luke Clausen, approached Z-Man with a new bait design, the company listened. And, the result is the FattyZ. Ideal for power-finesse situations and equipped with a molded-in slot for easy hook penetration, it’s perfect when paired with our Shaky® HeadZ™. Overall, this 5" bait is unique, lifelike and super effective. And, thanks to salt-impregnated ElaZtech®, amazingly durable.

“I was super excited to be involved in developing the new FattyZ power finesse worm,” remarks Luke Clausen, 2004 Forrest Wood Cup champion, 2006 Bassmaster Classic champion, and Z-Man Pro. “It performs well on both a Shaky Head and Texas rig and is flat out a fish-catching machine!”

“I really like the new FattyZ that Luke helped us design,” says Young. “Its profile looks great from any angle and I think is our most versatile worm offering yet. I’ve been fishing this bait since the early prototype stages and it’s been productive on a Shaky Head, Texas rigged on a weighted jerk-bait hook, and even on an unweighted hook. I don’t see how fish will be able to turn down such a plump offering.”


SIZE: 4 inches
QUANTITY: 6 baits per pack
COLORS (8): Watermelon Red, Pumpkin, Junebug, Green Pumpkin, Shiner, Pearl, PB&J, Mud Minnow

The right bait can be the difference between a big day and coming up empty. The new Hula StickZ is the perfect bait when finesse tactics are in order. Ideal when paired with a light jighead or Texas-rigged, this buoyant bait stands up off the bottom with tentacles brought to life. Better still, its salt-impregnated ElaZtech construction ensures it’ll last. And last. And last.

“The Hula StickZ are a cross between our ZinkerZ™ and a small tube bait, creating a neat little finesse bait,” states Young. “Its little tentacles add movement and action that are absolutely irresistible to finicky fish. The extreme durability of ElaZtech allows us to make finesse baits so much softer than our competitors, which also gives our baits more action in the water. I’m anxious to see the many ways our customers end up rigging this little bait, as we have some very creative brand advocates out there.”


SIZE: 4 inches
QUANTITY: 5 baits per pack
COLORS (8): Black Blue Flake, Watermelon Red, Black Neon, Junebug, Green Pumpkin, EZ Money, California Craw, Black Sapphire

A superb pitching, flipping and punching bait, the Palmetto BugZ’s streamlined design allows it to slide through the nastiest cover with ease, while its super-soft, ringed, four-inch body emits loads of vibration. Best of all, its salt-impregnated ElaZtech construction is built to last so you can keep landing the big ones. Cast after cast, fish after fish.

“The Palmetto BugZ really helped us fill a void in our lineup,” comments Young. “It’s an ideal flipping bait whose buoyancy really shows off the benefits of ElaZtech. It will stand up and get noticed in the thickest of aquatic jungles and the durability means it will survive the numerous attacks from the jungle creatures it encounters. I know this bait will be a hit with anglers looking for the ideal heavy cover flipping bait.”

B.A.S.S. Elite Series angler, eight-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and Z-Man Pro Staffer, Stephen Browning concurs. “The buoyancy of the all-new Palmetto BugZ never leaves you stuck in the mud. The bait lands with its appendages in a defensive posture just like a real crawfish and bass simply can’t resist.”

About Z-Man Fishing Products

A bold, dynamic, Charleston, SC-based company, Z-Man Fishing products has prided itself on bringing technology to anglers for over 25 years.

Z-Man has long been one of the industry’s largest suppliers of silicone skirt material. But, even though the company’s Original ChatterBait® was creating stir on the major bass circuits, only a handful of pros associated Z-Man with this tournament-winning lure.

Today, however, all that is changing. Every day our amazing 10X Tough ElaZtech® soft plastics are gaining momentum among the world’s premier fresh- and saltwater baits, helping make them the fastest-growing lure brand in America.

About ElaZtech

Z-Man’s proprietary ElaZtech material is remarkably soft, pliable, and 10X tougher than traditional soft plastics. ElaZtech resists nicks, cuts, and tears better than other soft baits and boasts one of the highest fish-per-bait ratings in the industry, resulting in anglers not having to waste time searching for a new bait when the fish are biting. This unique material is also naturally buoyant and floats up off the bottom, creating a more visible, lifelike, and attractive target to game fish. Unlike most other soft plastic baits, ElaZtech contains no PVC, plastisol or phthalates, and is non-toxic.

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