Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ICAST: Sometimes a Dream becomes Reality!

ICAST, the world largest fishing trade show, is starting tomorrow. IBASSIN will not be attending this year. (That's another cool story) Last year, I was standing in the Power Pole booth waiting for an appointment with another company. Someone from behind me says, "Good morning!" As I spin around to offer my greeting, Larry Dahlberg comes into focus. Wow, I think to myself. It is Larry Dahlberg! This guy is a super legend. He was one of the original guys from In-Fishermen, fly fisherman, lure designer, plus he has his own show.

We start chatting and I introduce myself. When he finds out I am from Ontario he gets really chatty. We start walking around the booth and he shows me some adaptations he has installed on his Power Poles. A saltwater trolling clip that he transplanted from Marlin fishing in Mexico to musky fishing. That's cool.

Then he starts explaining about how he created a wind sock for the Power Pole. He describes it more like a fabric sail than a sock. The beauty of this contraption is that it can be lowered into the water to adjust the drag as the boater needs it. A light wind only needs to have this fabric down a bit. In high winds, the Pole would descend all the way to ensure maximum resistance to really slow the drift.

A look at my watch and I have to go. A quick goodbye, hand shake and I am off.

Well look what I saw in a photo from the Lake Michigan Elite Bassmaster tournament.

Dahlberg's sail.

Chris Lane is sporting something new off his Power Poles.

(Photos: James Overstreet BASS)

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